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From barrier systems and intercoms to CCTV and Intruder/Fire alarms, there is no electrical security field we are not interested in. We design security solutions based around our clients needs so please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

  • CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) relays and stores images 24/7 back to its own personal DVR (digital video recorder)

  • Using the highest quality and cost effective CCTV systems from our relationships with the best suppliers in the country we make sure you get what you pay for

  • Here at Boss Alarm we connect your smart phone to the system, allowing you to view the cameras anywhere in the world

  • Statistics show that the presence of this system dramatically decreases the likeliness of criminal behaviour

  • Camera types include PTZ, Day/Night Domes and Bullets, Varifocals, Infrared and HD (High-Definition)

  • Access control provides the use of controlling and restricting access in a business/home. Increasing the prevention of criminal/unauthorized access

  • Products such as key fobs, intercoms, pin entry, security barriers and traffic lights are used to gain access by authorized personal only

  • We connect the intercom systems up to your phone, allowing you to communicate and grant access to the intercom user from anywhere in the world

  • Boss Alarm uses Paxton access, guaranteeing a high quality, reliable and easy to use system

  • Keep your home or business secure by installing an alarm system

  • All entry points will be monitored using a wide range variety of sensors relevant to the entry point

  • Be alerted via your smart phone anywhere in the world when the alarm is activated, pin pointing the exact time and entry point

  • CCTV and intruder alarms work perfectly hand in hand increasing security and providing excellent evidence in case of a crime

  • Alarm monitoring is available, alerting your nearest police station that the alarm has been triggered

  • Installing fire and smoke detection is vital to any building not just for the safety and prevention of the building itself but its occupants

  • Many people overlook the installation of fire detectors and the moment they realise its importance it is often to late

  • Multiple detectors are used to detect CO2 levels, smoke and heat

  • Alarm monitoring is available, alerting your nearest fire station for immediate response

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  • Over 20 years experience
  • Highest of quality products from the top suppliers in the country
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A small business with high potential of becoming more with its ever growing client base. We are currently looking for active and experienced engineers to become part of the family and help bring Boss Alarm to its full potential

We have jobs stretching across the country with increasing yearly maintenance and monitoring contracts from small household owners to big companies such as Tarmac and Subway


Capable of working alone and as a pair

Owning and being able to drive is highly desirable but not essential

Good communication between clients and colleagues

Keeping to a high standard or professionalism

Self-motivated and willing to use initiative

Having the passion to learn and grow in the electrical security field